Q What does the price include?
A Prices include the room and all the facilities provided for that room.
Q Can I make a reservation without a credit card?
A Unfortunately, you need a valid credit or debit card to make and secure the reservation.
Q How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
A As soon as you have completed your booking process the confirmation page appears. You will also receive a copy of this confirmation to you. Your confirmation includes all of your reservation details, as well as a booking number.
Q How can I see how much it will cost?
A Once you have entered the dates of your stay, the available accommodation types are listed, with the rates clearly displayed next to them. You might see that the same accommodation type has a different rate based on how many people are staying, whether or not breakfast is included, and whether or not the reservation can be cancelled.
Q Once I enter my credit card details, when we will I pay?
A To secure your reservation your card will be charged instantly using our secured payment method.